The Top 5 Things You HAVE to do to Speed Up WordPress

AJ @ WpFASTER Blog 3 Comments

There are a lot of “Make WordPress Faster” posts on the Web. And a lot of them are good. But we’ve distilled the things necessary — the “you ain’t got no choice, yo” sort of stuff — down to this Top 5. Do these and, by and large, the details of increasing your WordPress site’s speed take care of themselves.

How to Defer or Asynchronously Load JavaScript in WordPress Without a Plugin

WpFASTER Code 9 Comments

Have a WordPress site with some render blocking JavaScript? Are you using a plugin like Autoptimize that can't aggregate/concatenate and therefore cannot defer external, 3rd-party JavaScript? Eliminate it with this code snippet for better real world performance and better grades on tools like PageSpeed Insights! Copy and paste this code snippet -- in plain text -- to your functions.php file, or, add ...

How to Get Beaver Builder to Work With Autoptimize

WpFASTER Code 3 Comments

Having trouble getting Beaver Builder to work with Autoptimize? How Autoptimize works does conflict with how Beaver Builder works and vice versa. Neither plugin is 'wrong' in how each does what it does, per se, but you will need to somewhat alter the one to get it to work with the other. For the the easiest way to get Autoptimize and Beaver Builder ...