Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

WpFASTER Loading GifThis page also serves as an addendum/particularization of our Terms of Service. Please read it in its entirety.

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(If you purchase Complete Optimization) we make your WordPress-powered website as fast as it can possibly be: For everyone, everywhere and at all times!

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Complete Optimization is always the best value. Even if you have had someone optimize your website in the past, have optimized it yourself, or genuinely believe you only need some specific optimization performed. With Complete Optimization, we implement every conceivable best practice possible. We further re-work your site’s entire performance architecture to be a lean, mean, speed machine; and, introduce custom fine-tuning that can only be found with WpFASTER’s Complete WordPress Speed Optimization service. In short, once your Complete WordPress Optimization project is complete it will literally be impossible for your website to be any faster.

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Some combination of the following (your project manager will let you know exactly in the email you will receive after ordering):

  • Administrator-level WordPress login credentials (username and password).
  • If applicable to your project: Hosting account login credentials (username and password).
  • If applicable to your project and if you have cPanel: cPanel login credentials (username and password).
  • If applicable to your project and if you have cPanel with WHM: WHM login credentials (login URL, username and password).
  • If applicable to your project: FTP login credentials (host, username, password and port).
  • If applicable to your project: CloudFlare (or Sucuri, etc) login credentials (username and password. If you do not have a CloudFlare account we can set one up for you).
  • If applicable to your project: Secondary CDN (e.g. MaxCDN) login credentials (username and password).

Note: All credentials you provide to us are deleted from our server upon project completion. Once your project is completed, you are also encouraged to change any passwords you have provided to us.

Needing some or all of the above credentials is standard fare. These would be something needed by any company, entity or person you would be interested in having perform any sort of development work for your website. As such, if you are not willing to provide us with any or all of these credentials you should not place the order.

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Sam or Marcus, WpFASTER’s Project Management Leads only.

Under certain conditions, AJ, WpFASTER’s Managing Partner, may need access to these credentials too.

All credentials you provide us are deleted from our server upon project completion. Once your project is completed, you are further encouraged to change any passwords you provide us.

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We use Comet Cache (formerly known as “ZenCache”) on every Complete Optimization project and very highly recommend the ‘Pro’ version of the plugin. Barring exceedingly few exceptions, if you are purchasing Complete WordPress Speed Optimization, and if your site utilizes a caching engine other than Comet Cache, it will be replaced.

We also use CloudFlare (free version) on every Complete WordPress Speed Optimization project. If you are not currently making use of CloudFlare you will need to open a CloudFlare account and transfer your nameservers to theirs.

Doing so is easy, straightforward and painless, but we are happy to do this for you if you prefer: Just choose that option when making your selections on the order form.

We should note, the additional features offered for the paid version ($20/month for the ‘Pro’ account) are well worth the money. So, if the expense is justifiable, we do recommend a paid CloudFlare account. We cannot open a paid account for you, though.

Regardless of whether or not you choose the free or paid version of CloudFlare, however, if you are purchasing Complete WordPress Speed Optimization (or CloudFlare Installation and Configuration as an À La Carte option), we (or you, if applicable) will be changing your current nameservers to CloudFlare’s, which is necessary to receive all of the benefits CloudFlare has to offer.

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Of course! But, not allowing us to implement CloudFlare is by definition a special restriction and will render your project ineligible for our guarantee as your site will not end up as fast as it otherwise would have, even if you are using some other CDN (MaxCDN, etc).

If you do not want CloudFlare, please select “No, thank you” when you get to the “Do We Need to Setup Your CloudFlare Account?” portion of the order form.

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You have been sent an automated email of your receipt from [email protected], so be sure to check your SPAM folder for that if it didn’t go to your inbox.

If it has been more than 24 of our business hours (Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time) since you’ve ordered and you’ve yet to receive an Order Confirmation email from your Project Manager, please check your SPAM folder and be sure to add [email protected] to your email’s contacts or you might not receive our correspondences to your inbox.

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A Siteground VPS! But even Siteground’s GrowBig and GoGeek plans are superior to most other hosts’ VPSs and perfectly acceptable if your site is not a business or eCommerce site.

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It depends. Our first and foremost goal is to provide you with the fastest possible version of your website. As such, how long it will take for us to complete the optimization is relative to the size and complexity of your WordPress website. Generally speaking, the smaller it is and the less complex it is the quicker we can get things done.

How long it will take is also relative to just how much we will need to communicate with you over the course of the project; and, if Expedited Delivery is not purchased, your project’s position in our queue.

The short answer is: Unless you have purchased Expedited Delivery, we do not guarantee any time frames other than to say the amount of time it will take to complete the project will be relative and reasonable.

Even Expedited Delivery, however, might experience delays if changes are requested mid-project or things arise that are outside of our control. In the event that we are not able to meet the Expedited Delivery 3-business-day project completion guarantee, and we are squarely at fault, this fee will be refunded to you. We reserve the right to define when this has occurred and by placing an order you agree to these terms.

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We are all but certain to improve them (happens right around 92% of the time), but no, that is not our guarantee.

Such tools are what is referred to as general “Best Practices” tools. As tools they have their place; but, they are not real world performance testing platforms. All Best Practices tools are in some way synthetic, purposefully oversimplify the nature of performance optimization for ease of use by the layman; and, are not intended to provide accurate, actual, real-world performance diagnostic metrics. What you fundamentally want and need, first and foremost, are real-world performance improvements for your sites real users, not improved grades or scores on a Best Practices tool.

As confusing as it might seem, a site’s grades on Best Practices tools and its actual, real-world performance are often mutually exclusive things. Indeed, it is even possible for your website to get considerably faster in real life but score worse on Best Practices tools. Since real-world performance is what matters, WpFASTER optimizes for the real human beings visiting your website, not an arbitrary grade/score that, absent a complete rebuild of your site from the ground up, may be impossible for your website to achieve. As described on our homepage, we concentrate on real-world, user-experience-centered performance metrics that Best Practices tools don’t analyze because that’s not what they are for.

For testing purposes, we primarily use our own in-house tools and worldwide network of  real, human users. Should you choose Enhanced Reporting when ordering, you will be provided with real before-and-after performance benchmarks garnered by way of Google’s own real-world performance optimization testing platform, so that you have an independent, objective, empirical means by which to verify the improvements we report.

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The performance optimization architecture we implement will be designed to be self-evolving and self-maintaining. As such, it will last indefinitely. If you’ve purchased Complete WordPress Speed Optimization, you are entitled to free, on-going support for 1 calendar month past your date of purchase in the event that you change or update a plugin, for example, that seems to not work with the performance architecture we implement for your website.

Free, 1-month ongoing support (or 3 month Extended Support, if purchased) covers things like plugin and WordPress updates and is diagnostic in nature, not curative.

If the changes one has made or wants to make to one’s website invalidates the structure of the optimization work we have already performed, one would need to repurchase an optimization package. If one were to change their theme, as one example; if one in any way alters the performance architecture we have implemented as another.

If you make a support request you will be asked for a comprehensive description of any and all changes that have been made to your website since your project was completed. If you are unable or unwilling to provide this, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to provide diagnostic support.

The caveats to on-going support are:

A.) In order for a project to be eligible for any post-project support, the project site must be running the latest version of WordPress with all installed plugins and the theme it is using up to date at the time the project begins.

B.) We reserve the right to make the final determination as to whether the changes made, or desired to be made, invalidate the structure of the optimization work we have already performed;

C.) We reserve the right to be the sole arbiter of whether or not on-going support is being abused; and,

D.) Any support beyond this is at our availability or caprice. We may in fact charge you for support above and beyond these caveats.

By ordering, you are agreeing to this arrangement.

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If you purchase our Complete Optimization Service and are showing the full, desktop version of your site to users of mobiles and other high latency devices (like tablets), then yes — it will be as optimized as it can possibly be.


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Yes and no. We first clone your site and insert it into a testing environment, thereby enabling us to do A/B testing with no potential for disruption to your live website. 95% of the of the performance architecture we devise is done in this testing environment. However, once we feel we have everything dialed-in, we do have to implement the changes on your live website.

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From the work we do via the testing environment, no. From the implementation of the changes we need to make to your live site so as to make it as fast as it can be, yes.

Please don’t let this startle you. Disruptions are likely to be very brief; and, far more often than not, will translate to nothing more than your website being slower for a moment. Indeed, your site’s visitors are unlikely to notice them at all even if they are technically happening.

By placing an order you are indicating that you understand that disruptions to your live website are possible.

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There are certain (as well as unpredictable) idiosyncrasies of the live environment that either do not exist, or cannot be known to exist, until we implement the changes on the live website.

In other words, a seamless integration of the changes we will make in the testing environment is not possible as some of these changes will need to be ‘tweaked’ in the live environment to achieve the fastest website possible.

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With our type of development, the chances are exceedingly slim, but yes. Downtime is possible when you have any sort of development work done for your website.

There are literally billions of variables at play. While the outcomes of most of what we will implement are predictable, some are not. If your website is making use of a poorly coded theme, some questionable plugins, has had shoddy development performed, has a mis- or mal-configured server or file system (etc) this increases the chance of outages.

Fear not. Almost always, a website going down can be immediately remedied and returned to normal. We simply backtrack and reverse the implemented change that was the culprit and/or consult with you about the already extant issue with your site that is the actual root of the problem.

Should downtime occur, you are, in virtue of placing an order, agreeing that our diagnosis, whatever that diagnosis may be, is accurate. You further agree to assist us, should we require assistance, in implementing a solution; and, that your website, or aspects of it, ‘breaking’ does not ipso facto entitle you to a refund.

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Yes. Making a backup prior to making any changes to your website, or having changes made, is very highly recommend and basic best practices.

Once you have submitted the information requested in the Order Confirmation email sent to you by your Project Manager, we will assume that you have a backup of your website at the ready and that you will be making daily backups over the course of the project in the off chance that it needs to be restored. Should your website need to be restored, you are responsible for implementing the backup.

You are, in virtue of placing an order, agreeing that should you need to implement a backup/restoration that this does not ipso facto entitle you to a refund.

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We may as a courtesy, but no. Directly working on, performing troubleshooting for, or modifying your website’s back end in any way is not included in our service.

What you are purchasing is front end optimization, i.e. optimization of the site itself, not the server that serves it or database that stores it, etc.

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WpFASTER follows best practices and standards set out by WordPress itself. As such, if your developer’s customizations are well coded and following best practices and WordPress standards, no, there won’t be any issues.

If issues do arise, however, you are, in virtue of placing an order, agreeing that our assay of your developer’s contributions, whatever that assay may be, is accurate; and, that our primary recommendation will be to refer you back to your (or another) developer to re-code things such that they are in compliance with the performance architecture we implement/best practices and WordPress standards.

You further agree that – if issues do arise – your website or some aspect of it ‘breaking’ as a result of your developer’s contributions, after having implemented your site’s performance optimization architecture, does not entitle you to a refund.

If assuming this risk bothers you, you should not place the order.

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We do, but such projects are automatically ineligible for refund/our guarantee even if we were, through no fault of our own, unable to actually implement your site’s new performance architecture. Such projects are also ineligible for ongoing support, free or paid. All sales are final.

If assuming this risk bothers you, you should not place the order.

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For an additional fee of $100 USD we do, but such projects are automatically ineligible for refund/our guarantee even if we were, through no fault of our own, unable to actually implement your site’s new performance architecture. Such projects are also ineligible for ongoing support, free or paid. Enhanced Reporting is not possible for sites in this situation. All sales are final.

Ideally, performance optimization is done when a site is launch-/production ready and/or fully iterated.

If assuming this risk bothers you, you should not place the order.

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It depends, so please contact us prior to ordering so that we can have a look at your network and how you have it set up.

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Ads are 3rd party resources (they are on your site but not actually served from your server). As such, we cannot make the ads themselves or their tracking pixels faster. But! — making your website and everything actually served from your server as fast as it can possibly be will in fact make those ads begin and therefore end their loading sooner.

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Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time (no weekends, no U.S national holidays. We are on holiday the entire week of Christmas).

NOTE: While those are our standard Support/Business hours, your website will never be left in an unstable state.

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Basic reporting is pretty much just what it sounds like: We notify you when the project is complete and provide you with a summary of what was done; and, we explain any special instructions that you need to know moving forward.

Enhanced reporting includes all this; plus, detailed before and after metrics for every single resource or asset that makes your site what it is, before and after video, various charts and graphs granularly detailing the improvements made, project notations, recommendations and the like. Every possible thing you could want or need to know about what was done.


  1. Neither of these modes of reporting includes training on how to do what we do.
  2. If you want/need before-and-after metrics, you must select Enhanced Reporting when ordering. If you do not select Enhanced Reporting, you are in no way entitled to a refund when before-and-after metrics are not supplied to you. If you do not order Enhanced Reporting, you are taking our word for it as regards improvements and agreeing to do so by placing an order.
  3. If you order Enhanced Reporting and we are unable to provide you with it through no fault of our own, the Enhanced Reporting fee is non-refundable.

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Unless you are subscribed to our Optimization Concierge Services, sorry, no. We are otherwise entirely web-based, which keeps Support staff lean and prices low.

If you’re worried about email responsiveness issues, we assure you — don’t. If you have a question or issue while your project is in process, your Project Manager will respond to your inquiry quickly, usually within moments of your sending the correspondence if the correspondence is critical in nature. Support’s average response time is 1 business hour.

If you would like to learn more about our Optimization Concierge Services, please contact us. Before contacting us, however, please note that our Optimization Concierge Services begin at $1K (USD) per month and require a minimum 6 (six) month commitment, paid in full up-front.

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Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements are almost always fine.

For contracts: It depends on the nature of the contract. If the contract is, in our judgement, purposefully vague, unnecessarily convoluted; or, requires a relinquishing of WpFASTER’s rights as a service provider (or otherwise impedes our ability to perform our best work), it’s not a partnership we would be interested in entering.

For review by the Managing Partner and Legal, please contact us with any contracts you will need signed prior to placing an order .

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We are so confident in our Complete WordPress Speed Optimization Service that if we fail to improve your website’s real-world performance you not only get your money back, you get it back 110% (i.e. the purchase price plus 10%). If your project is eligible for refund/our guarantee, you have 3 days (72 hours) from the date and time stamp on the Project Completion email sent to you to request your money back.

If a project is eligible for refund/our guarantee, there are basically two points at which it is:

  1. Before you receive your Order Confirmation email from your Project Manager;
  2. After you receive your Project Completion email.

The caveats to this guarantee/refund policy are these and they are non-negotiable:

  • Special instructions or restrictions to which we must adhere and/or the rejection of a reasonable recommendation we make automatically renders the project ineligible, even if we were, through no fault of our own, ultimately unable to implement your site’s new performance architecture. Under such conditions, all sales are final;
  • Please note: By the time you receive your Order Confirmation email your project has already essentially been completed. If you wish to cancel your order at any time after we send your Order Confirmation email, but before you receive your Project Completion email, even if we were, through no fault of our own, unable to implement your site’s new performance architecture, at least 95% of your project’s purchase price will be withheld from refund and in all likelihood 100%;
  • You must elect Enhanced Reporting when ordering. Note: If you order Enhanced Reporting and we are unable to provide you with it through no fault of our own, the Enhanced Reporting fee is non-refundable;
  • You must opt for Comet Cache Pro;
  • You must allow us to implement CloudFlare;
  • At the time your project begins, your site must be running the latest version of WordPress with all installed plugins and the theme it is using up to date;
  • At the time your project begins, your site must be making use of the latest recommended versions of PHP and MySQL (or Maria DB) as recommended by WordPress;
  • We offer no guarantee for a la carte services;
  • Purchases made using a discount code are ineligible, all sales are final;
  • Communication: If we send you a correspondence and you do not reply within 30 calendar days or we are unable to complete your project within 30 calendar days of your order date through no fault of our own, your purchase price will be converted into a Project Monitoring and Maintenance fee and you will lose your right to refund even if we have yet to begin your project. At which point, if you would like us to proceed with your project, you will need to repurchase an optimization package;
  • Early Termination: If you cancel your project for any reason after you place your order, a minimum Early Termination/Project Cancellation Fee of $100 (USD) will be assessed.

If assuming any or all of these risks makes you uncomfortable, you should not place the order.

Again, the caveats to our refund policy/guarantee are non-negotiable. As such, if you have any questions about our guarantee/refund policy, please contact us before placing the order.

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Please contact us or reply to your project completion email with a description of the issue.