Never Worry About Your WordPress Website’s Performance EVER Again

Never Worry About Your WordPress Website’s Performance EVER Again

Did You Know…?

That website optimization has two essential components, optimizing the site’s front end (i.e. our Complete Optimization service) AND making certain your site is in an optimized hosting environment?

That AT LEAST HALF of your website’s overall performance is dictated by its hosting?

 That most hosts have HUNDREDS and sometimes THOUSANDS of sites on the same one server, all competing with one another for resources?

That ALMOST ALL hosts configure their servers to first maximize profit and only secondarily to optimize your site’s speed?

That it is common practice among website hosts to pass the buck and tell you a performance issue you are experiencing has to do with a problem on your site, when the actual problem may be the hosting environment?

“Doing what it is we do, WpFASTER has had the opportunity to work with virtually every host on the planet. We know all of their strengths, we know all of their weaknesses. And so it dawned on me: Why not offer hosting that had not only the greatest strengths of all of the best WordPress hosts in the world — and none of the weaknesses — but hosting that included our Complete WordPress Speed Optimization Service? Every conceivable site performance angle is now covered, all with a single service. That service is WpULTRA.”AJ McKay | Managing Partner of WpFASTER

ALL of Our Hosting Tiers Include the Following. And More!

Our Complete WordPress Speed Optimization Service is included and your site’s performance maintained every month so your site is ALWAYS as fast as it can possibly be

An ULTRA optimized server/hosting environment with hundreds of tweaks and special server rules, fine-tuned down to the smallest of details

DEDICATED server resources: no noisy neighbors and no chance of any other site on your server slowing your site down

Cloudflare implementation and optimal configuration. Serve your site’s static assets from a location closer to the end user, thereby improving speed and user experience

A Dedicated Account Manager with you every step of the way, from site migration to front end optimization. Always deal with the same person

Full suite cPanel: manage your files, databases, domain, email, site security and more, all with cPanel’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface

FREE cPanel to cPanel website migration from your current host to WpULTRA; assistance with other types of website transfers also available

FREE SSL certificates and all of the speed and security benefits SSL brings, such as HTTP/2 support for things like Server Push and Multiplexing

Automatic Daily Backup: if you have an oopsie daisy, restore your website back to yesterday’s version with the click of a button in your website’s cPanel

Ultra Fast. Ultra Secure. Ultra Managed. WpULTRA!

Made a big difference to my website

5.0 rating
September 3, 2021

I was really surprised at how quickly WpFASTER were able to fix my website. It was really slow (over 10 seconds to load) and they managed to get it to around 1 second in a few days. I highly recommend them. Sam was really helpful and communicated throughout the process. I was a little nervous since I didn’t know much about the company and I’m based in the UK, but I found it quick and easy and well worth the money. I’m not a developer (I used WordPress and Elementor to build the site) so would never have been able to do what they did. Thank you.

Catherine McReynolds

Very Satisfied

5.0 rating
July 15, 2021

I have used WpFaster to help with the speed of two sites. Sam was quick to respond, efficient with the updates, and very responsive to any question I had. Both of my sites now running much more efficiently.

Candi Randlph

Unbelievable Service

5.0 rating
June 25, 2021

I was having a hard time getting my speed optimization over 70 in Google Pagespeed and after hours of tweaking and changing plugins I decided to hire WPFaster to help me with it.
In one day, they were on it, and Sam got the score to 97! Amazing work. I highly recommend.


Website Optimization

5.0 rating
May 12, 2021

When I had a question their response times were quick, once they started the project it did not take long for them to complete the optimization service. The website load times seems to be faster than before and I am pleased with the results!


Amazing service - great support

5.0 rating
December 17, 2020

I’ve been searching for a service that could take advantage of and optimize all the server and caching power I already owned. So, I hired others… including the creator of the premium (fee-for-service) caching plugin I was using.
But no technician I could find was ever able to tweak all these overlapping settings to get the best possible result from CloudFlare together with my caching plugin.
WpFaster was amazing. Extremely professional. And organized.
All the settings available to my WordPress website were tweaked. The entire process went smoothly. We experienced zero down time. Nothing crashed.
And the best part… Sam, the technician who performed all the tweaks and adjustments… provided detailed and accurate updates throughout the process.
Based on GT Metrix, Pingdom tools and Google PageSpeed Insights, our results were amazing. Plus there’s a measurable improvement and feeling of speed, especially when I visited our notoriously sluggish bbPress forum.
Because of my positive experience, I plan to continue using WpFaster to keep my website running at top performance. And I can recommend this service with full confidence to anyone who needs a similar type of specialized service.

Dr. Mike Sagman

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing

Tier 1


Per Month
Small Sites & Blogs, Personal Websites


1 CPU Core


  20GB SSD Storage

  100GB Data Transfer

Our Complete WordPress Speed Optimization Service is included every single month.


Tier 2


Per Month
Medium Websites & Blogs, Business Websites


2 CPU Cores


  30GB SSD Storage

  200GB Data Transfer

Our Complete WordPress Speed Optimization Service is included every single month.


Tier 4


Per Month
Busy Websites | eCommerce and LMS sites


4 CPU Cores


  60GB SSD Storage

  500GB Data Transfer

Our Complete WordPress Speed Optimization Service is included every single month.


Tier 5


Per Month
Busy, Resource-Hungry Sites | Larger eCommerce/LMS


5 CPU Cores

  7 GB RAM

  100GB SSD Storage

  1TB Data Transfer

Our Complete WordPress Speed Optimization Service is included every single month.


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