The WpFASTER Affiliate Program

The WpFASTER Affiliate Program

Do you have a site that attracts visitors who are interested in the performance of their website(s)? Do you do affiliate marketing? Do you know of someone who might be able to benefit from an ultra-fast website? If so, we have an opportunity for you to make money through the WpFASTER Affiliate Program. What is best, is that our service sells itself, you just need to get interested buyers to us. Easy peasy.

Fill in the registration form below and we’ll review your application. Once approved, you can publish a WpFASTER banner on your site and/or promote your personal referral link through social media, blog posts and/or email (or any other ethical, legitimate marketing channel);

  1. Visitors click on your links and are redirected to;
  2. When your referral purchases our Complete WordPress Optimization service, we will pay you a commission of $50.00;
  3. Cash out and enjoy your money.

Details about our affiliate program:

  • $50.00 commission from a first purchase of referred customer;
  • commissions awarded for a valid referral to our Complete WordPress Speed Optimization service only;
  • liberal bonuses are given each month to the top performing affiliate in an amount at our discretion;
  • 45 day cookie;
  • free to join including no start up or maintenance fees;
  • you agree to the WpFASTER Affiliate Program terms by submitting this form.

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