We Appreciate Your Review!

We Appreciate Your Review!

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your review of WpFASTER. We had a blast optimizing your site and genuinely hope you are ecstatic with your website’s performance transformation. It is, of course, our goal to get all 5 stars from all of our clients but we also know that while a lofty goal, not everyone is going to be 100% satisfied 100% of the time.

So may I ask a favor? If you intend on leaving a review of less than 4 stars, please contact us first by replying to your Project Completion email (this is the email with the subject heading “SPEED. YOU GOT SOME. WpFASTER!”) and let us know how we can make it right. I will personally review your project and we will make every possible effort to earn your rating of 4 or more stars.

Thanks again and be well!

AJ McKay

Managing Partner of WpFASTER


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Some Recent Reviews


Great Job as Always!

5.0 rating
January 1, 2023

WpFASTER has been optimizing my site for the last several years. Always does a great job. Site is faster and always better than what it was. Communcation is fast and notes well documented.



5.0 rating
November 25, 2021

I was a bit skeptical at first, not gonna lie. I entrusted wpFaster to get my site optimized and they delivered. Communication is important to me; Sam was on top of it. I am glad my users will have a better experience because of this service. I am a happy customer who will probably be back for more. Thank you so much.
– Sinful Lotus Team


My site is fast. Finally.

5.0 rating
September 23, 2021

I’ve been searching for website optimization service. Spoke with freelancers from popular platforms, etc. Most of them told that they cannot increase our website speed any more than it was optimized already. And we optimized ourselves using optimization plugins. Others told “we can try, but without any guarantees”.
Haven’t liked that most of them talked about GTMetrix or Google Speed Insights scores mainly, but not about real website performance.
Some time ago I optimized myself for high scores, but website loaded even slower than before optimization. So I was looking for better real performance not numbers on a monitor.
Then I found WPFaster. You can find all the details about service on them Homepage. It is true. They did everything they promise. Our site is much faster now.
Communication – quick and easy.
You can trust.
See you,
Best regards


Made a big difference to my website

5.0 rating
September 3, 2021

I was really surprised at how quickly WpFASTER were able to fix my website. It was really slow (over 10 seconds to load) and they managed to get it to around 1 second in a few days. I highly recommend them. Sam was really helpful and communicated throughout the process. I was a little nervous since I didn’t know much about the company and I’m based in the UK, but I found it quick and easy and well worth the money. I’m not a developer (I used WordPress and Elementor to build the site) so would never have been able to do what they did. Thank you.

Catherine McReynolds

Very Satisfied

5.0 rating
July 15, 2021

I have used WpFaster to help with the speed of two sites. Sam was quick to respond, efficient with the updates, and very responsive to any question I had. Both of my sites now running much more efficiently.

Candi Randlph